Wednesday in my Wardrobe – Charity Shop Chic! The Boyfriend Coat

So, I’ve been completely neglectful of The Giddy Kipper of late. I’ve been so busy with work and life, and it’s been sacrificed. But I am back today, with a WIMW post, which is really just an excuse to rave about my fab charity shop finds at the weekend. I set myself a budget of £20 to find a few things, wasn’t sure at all what I was after, just some bits and bobs, but I did have a ‘boyfriend coat’ in the back of my mind.

This is the 1980s coat shape which has been everywhere this Autumn/Winter, and I’ve seen a few I absolutely love – in River Island, there’s a gorgeous Leopard Print Boyfriend Coat for £70, or a cute Tartan reversible Coatigan for the same price.

At Topshop, I fell in love with the Camel Mohair Boyfriend Coat at £39, and at Hobbs, the NW3 Tweed coat is stunning – and £269.

My budget couldn’t go anywhere near these prices really, so I guess I was hoping a coat might appear, after a thankless Ebay trawl. And, well, it did! In the first shop – a little gem of a shop just round the corner from my home! I found this stunning red 1980s original Boyfriend coat, in almost an identical shape to this season’s high street offerings – and it fitted me!

And…it was £8. Yep. EIGHT pounds. It’s a bit of a clash with my hair, but I absolutely love it!

In the same shop, I then found the most amazing big old vintage bag, for just £4. Brilliant results in the first shop I went into. It all went downhill after that, and I’m still absolutely stunned when I go into a charity shop – on this occasion The Salvation Army in Edinburgh’s Tollcross area, and they are charging £40, £50 and £60 for very average vintage dresses, and £30 for vintage bags, smaller and not in as good condition as the one I picked up. It infuriates me because the charity is the ultimate loser, with stock on their rails and shelves that will never move.

Anyway. I found nothing in there, but I did buy this cute string of clear beads, and little bunny brooch from the £1 table in another charity shop in that area.

I trawled a few more shops to no avail, and then at my last stop, the British Heart Foundation, I picked up this cute as a button doll! Not sure where she is from – maybe Austria? Any ideas?


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