And so to bed…

I love making things. I don’t have a particular skill, but I like giving things a go. I love art, and I guess if I wasn’t a writer, I’d like to try to be an artist! I’ll give anything a go, from card-making (i do love doing this), to sewing and knitting, and anything else. I’m not really very good at sewing, but I wanted to make a sort of backrest for our bed recently, so sewing it was.

I’ll explain. We moved the bed to a spot in the room where it doesn’t lean on the wall, and with it being a metal frame, when we propped our pillows up to read of an evening, they fell through. So, I thought if I created a bit long cushion backrest, problem solved. And here it is!

I had some old Cath Kidston fabric lying around in a rose print, perfect for the job, and I started it on my old Singer sewing machine, until it started ‘bird-nesting’ i believe the term is. (Where it all bunches up at the back) So, it was back to hand-sewing then. I didn’t measure the fabric, I just sort of guess-timated it (I know, I know), pinned it all, seamed both bits, then sewed them together, sewed in-between where the cushion pads would go, added pop studs, and ties, and that was that.

I am pleased to report that not only does it function, it kind of looks nice, don’t you think?! I am proud of my handiwork, albeit a bit slapdash handiwork!


2 thoughts on “And so to bed…

  1. That looks lovely, I know what you mean, I can’t sew for the life of me but I love trying! You can’t help but love Cath Kidston fabric too, I wish I had some lying around…

    • Aw thanks! See, that’s why I had it lying around. I bought it in the sale in one of those ‘oh, i can make all sorts of things with this’ and then I just kind of, er, didnt! maybe I should take a sewing class. Might be an idea!

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