WIMW – Camping chic!

Last week Mr GK and I headed for the Highlands for a few nights camping. Our trip was curtailed in the end thanks to over-active midge population, and torrential rain and horrendous gales. But, being Scotland, we did also have some amazingly beautiful sunny days, as you can see in the WIMW pictures I took of a couple of my outfits. Yes, it’s not very outdoorsy, but then neither am I. I have the right footwear,but you’re never going to catch me in a fleece. A waterproof yes, and was I glad I had my mum’s blue cagoule with me on this trip.

We were camping near Invergarry, at a gorgeous peaceful, no kids allowed site, called Faichemard Farm. If you’ve never experienced the Highland midge, how lucky you are. It’s not even the bites (although those, when you are allergic like me and take a reaction, are horrific), but the continual swarming around you they love to do, getting into everything and everywhere. Midges are tiny, they live in the ground and they like calm conditions. Not too cold, not too warm, and not too breezy. Much like we do. They can completely ruin a trip. To give you an idea I have included some pictures of my poor bitten legs – not for the fainthearted!

But, back to clothes to start..this summer dress is from H&M many years ago, I snipped off the straps, and it’s basically a tube dress that is perfect for flinging on abroad or at home when the sun’s out. I put a vest over it here, and my old faithful Primark chiffon shirt.

I have to have some jewellery on wherever I am, and plastic rings are perfect for camping, the beach, the city, anywhere! This yellow one has features on here before I am sure. It’s an old fail-safe, and I love it.

And that’s about it for that one, apart from my boots, which are by Scarpa, and featured in my walking WIMW the other month.

This outfit was on a windy day in Fort William. My fabulous woollen cardigan was from a charity shop in Penrith for £3! I bought it on last year’s trip to the Lake District and it’s super-cosy and stylish. My cat face T-shirt was a 40th birthday present from a stylish pal, and my blue waterproof is my mum’s, and essential on a camping trip in Scotland!

And these, brave people, are my poor midge eaten legs…and the Smidge, which is supposed to be a miracle deterrent. Maybe for some people it is…for me. Well, you can judge for yourself!

And a close-up, if that wasn’t enough…

and my ankle and lower leg…

And Smidge…

I’ll spare you the rest of my body!


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