TV Tuesday – Dallas – it was ALL about the women!

Do do do-do do do do do do do…dododo dododo…dodododododododododododododododooooo! Woo hoo! Dallas is back! Yes, the new series starts on Ch5 tomorrow night at 9pm, and I can’t wait. I bloody love Dallas. I grew up on it.

I remember Wednesday nights, from 8pm to 8.50pm (Points of View at 850pm before the nine o’clock news), sitting in the living room with my mum, ready to enjoy watching the ridiculous lives and times of the Ewings and their arch-rivals, the Barnes’s.

Who cared if one who series was a dream (well apart from Susan Howard, who played Donna Krebbs whose most interesting and challenging moments in the soap were in said season, and who was written out the following season, perhaps). Didn’t you just love Pam and Bobby? Victoria Principal was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. (She’s gone a wee bit Bride of Wildestein with the plastic surgery now, sadly).

Or were you a Mark Graison fan – Wikipedia what they did to him around the dream season, and you will never call Coronation Street far-fetched again.

Priscilla Presley as Bobby’s first love, Jenna Wade was all smouldering eyes, and who wasn’t a fan of Swellen – Linda Gray’s magnificently drunk Sue Ellen Ewing!

However, I preferred JR and Cliff Barnes’s other women – secretaries and mistresses, like Sly Lovegren, Mandy Winger (the excellent Deborah Shelton played a blinder as Mandy!), Bobby’s later wife April Stevens, played brilliantly by Sheree J Wilson, Kristin Shepard, Sue Ellen’s sister, who shot JR (surely the biggest soap cliff-hanger EVER!).

And what about Pam’s evil sister Katherine Wentworth – with the most amazing wardrobe and hair?

And then there was Afton Cooper, played by the amazing Audrey Landers.I loved Afton. Sister of Lucy Ewing’s (we’ll get to her!) husband Mitch Cooper, Afton was at first JR’s lover, and then Cliff Barnes’s live-in girlfriend. I adored Afton. She had those sexy, huge eyes, she was pretty feisty, and no matter how much of a loser old Cliff was, she loved him. And she was a singer in a bar. Brilliant.

Audrey Landers MUST come back to the new series! For more info on her, read this brilliant blog, and visit the Facebook page where over 6,000 people are trying to get her back on the show.

Lucy is back in a couple of the new episodes, forever known, thanks to Terry Wogan, as ‘The Poison Dwarf’, brilliantly played by Charlene Tilton.

As to the new cast , Josh Henderson will pay John Ross Ewing III, JR’s son, and Jesse Metcalfe plays Christopher Ewing, Bobby’s son, and of course, the story centres around their feud . I wonder if it will be any good? I’ll give it a go anyway!

Dallas, Ch5, 9pm, Wednesday September 5



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