WIMW – Edinburgh Fringe

This week’s Wednesday in my Wardrobe  is just basically an outfit I threw on last weekend when I went to see Sean Hughes at the Edinburgh Fringe. (Mr GK and I saw both his shows at this year’s event – they were both excellent, go see him if you can!).

It was a warm evening, and our first show was at 5.30pm, then the next at 8.15pm, and I knew we would be outside in the outdoor bars for the most of the evening, hence the cardigan in my right hand!

I decided to wear flat sandals, gold leather gladiators – more on them later! So, this dress is a vintage one (what else?!) which I purchased as part of one of my kilos at a Judy’s Affordable Vintage Kilo Fair in Edinburgh last year. I’ve worn this dress countless times – I love it. It needs a wee bit of TLC now as a few seams are splitting, but it’s comfy and I think it looks nice!

I decided to clash it with leopard print footless tights I bought from River Island (they’ve made an appearance here before) and I last wore them with a polka dot dress.I do like to mix prints! The belt came from a dress from Matalan – I like the wee studs. And so to the jewellery. It’s not really my usual style, but I kind of like it. We can skip over the ring, which has been in this WIMW, and this one, and this one! I love it so much!

The leather cuff is Miu Miu. I bought it in a moment of madness, about four years ago, when I got a big paycheck, in Harvey Nichols. I do love it, but it’s pretty faded now; still that maybe adds to the appeal? At least I’ve got my money’s worth out of it! On the other wrist are two pieces from Stylist Pick. I don’t recommend this website to anyone, let me make that clear. These bracelets, plus a big ring, were things I got eventually after sending back countless items because of their shoddy fabrics and construction. Not a favourite of mine, at all. And they have a collaboration with Cheryl Cole now, and don’t even get me started on how I feel about her!

The bracelets are a bit ‘boho‘ for me, but I kind of like them with certain looks. And, so, finally, those gladiators. They’re pretty old, from TopShop, and I reckoned they’d be comfortable. And they are. But not if you stand for seven hours in them, five of those uninterrupted. Ouch. Here’s a final pic with a weird effect on it!


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