WIMW – up some hills!

Last weekend was a bit frustrating. The weather couldn’t decide what to do, and neither, then, could we. We had planned a camping trip, but all week the forecast told us heavy rain was on the way. So, we decided to leave the camping to another weekend, and had a mixed bag of a weekend in the city and up the hills!

On Sunday, we headed out of Edinburgh, a few miles south to the Pentland Hills. I grew up in the a village in the shadow of these hills, and I am sure some of my school houses were named after them. Not having been hill walking for ages, we decided just to have a nice wander round the reservoirs at the bottom of the hills.

But of course I wanted to go in a loop, and not turn back, so it meant climbing up a steep hill that nearly killed me, and all of this in glorious sunshine, pouring rain and crazy winds. Four hours we were out there, but it was great fun – we had a wee cup of tea halfway and it was nice to be out of the city.

And so, what to wear. Well, I have the right footwear – check out my Scarpa boots! And my waterproof is from outdoor shop Tiso, and has served me well from  camping trips in France, to  hill walks in the islands. Other than that, well, look at me! It’s like city meets country and isn’t quite sure.

The rucksack I am holding in this picture belongs to Mr GK. I am wearing, you might notice, a beige suede bum bag, or ‘fanny pack’ as our American friends delightfully – and innocently – call them!

I couldn’t be without my phone, my red lipstick, some tissues and my house keys for some reason, and Mr GK seemed mortified at my bum bag. It was actually a gift, I told him, from his Aunt and Uncle for my 40th last year! It’s Italian suede, and is actually very beautiful and practical. I made a decision up the hill to bring back the bum bag! Watch this space…

My boots replaced my Cath Kidston, proper Swedish clogs –  I love them. My t-shirt has been on here before in a few outfits I think, and yes, they’re jeans that aren’t very practical or hill-walking, but I refuse to do crop trousers, outdoor trousers, or shorts, other than denim ones. I just can’t. I may enjoy climbing the hills, camping and being outdoors, but I’m a former Fashion Editor for ***** sake! I can’t wear proper outdoor gear. It would make me itch. And twitch.

Oh, and the Mickey Mouse hoodie is from TopShop. And, yes, I am wearing red lipstick, red nail polish and a red bow ring. You can take the girl out of the city…


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