WIMW – Madonna mania!

This week’s WIMW is an outfit I wore to see Madonna at Murrayfield last Saturday evening. I’ve loved Madonna since I was about 12 years old. I remember vividly saving up to go to the local record shop, Taste Records, in Penicuik, to buy  copy of Lucky Star. The 7inch single was sat in one of those cardboard promo stands on the counter in the shop.

I still have it to this day, incredible to think it’s 29 years later! In 1984 on a family trip to London, my Madonna obsession was in full-swing. My Auntie Mags had been to visit with her ‘streak cap’ and I was the proud owner of Madonna-blonde highlights. I even embraced my natural curl at this point, just like my hero. And my love affair with red lipstick began (for my red lipstick obsession, visit my beauty blog, Beauty Bombshells!).

Over the years she’s always been there, part of my life, and for all her eccentricities over the years, my love for Madonna has never wavered. I think it goes deeper than just admiring her as an artist, and a successful woman. Her is a woman who most likely shaped my life. Aside from wandering around Edinburgh dressed like her for most of my teens, here was a strong woman, modern woman who chased her dream, did what she wanted to do, and I wanted to be like that.

I love Madonna. Did I mention that?! Anyway. When I heard she was coming to Edinburgh, I was gutted because I just couldn’t afford it. I don’t work with credit, and I tried to get a standing ticket (he cheapest) but to no avail. However, sometimes things are meant to be, and last week I was offered a free ticket to see her.

Yeah, the sound wasn’t the best where I was sitting, yes I couldn’t see her that well, but I loved every minute of it. And for Madonna, I decided to bring out a bit of sparkle.

So, I’m wearing a 1980s sequin top, complete with shoulder pads, bought on Ebay for £7. Jeans were the easiest thing to wear to a gig, and these are my H&M staples.

My bag is a cat, and a gift from Mr GK for my birthday. It’s from Matalan. The gold pumps are a charity shop buy, and all that was left was to slick on some red – of course – lipstick and get ready to Vogue!



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