WIMW – Saturday at the seaside!

So, Saturday was actually sunny! I had a hangover, having drank a few too many cocktails and tequila shots with my girlfriend the night before, but I rallied, and after sleeping in the car for an hour, Mr GK and I arrived at his family’s house in Eyemouth, feeling not too bad.

It was Herring Queen parade day in Eyemouth – the Scottish Borders fishing town’s version of the ‘Gala Days” I recall from childhood. We watched the Herring Queen parade through the town and then chatted with family and friends, before going on the Waltzers with Mr GK’s two little cousins. That’s one way to get rid of a hangover! My outfit on Saturday really reflected my mood – I wanted to hide!

So, I stuck on Mr GK’s hat, a big old scarf, sunglasses, and kept a low profile! My gorgeous Whistles scarf was a gift from a lovely PR girl (hello, Nicola!), who used to work for Revlon. I adore it. It’s like the comfort blanket I never had!

I didn’t have much style-inspiration when I was getting dressed on Saturday so I just sort of threw on my jeans from the previous night, a red white and blue striped t-shirt, that you can’t really see, a vintage jacket, and my lovely, battered, well-worn Swedish clogs, in my favourite polka-dots!  There’s nothing comfier! I really need to invest in a new pair. This pair was a great bargain one year in the Cath Kidston sale.

My white handbag is a vintage number, with so many compartments I can never find anything in it. And it’s roomy enough to hold my Hello Kitty water bottle which Mr GK kindly filled for me and popped in there before we left the city!

So, who knew, but a can of Coca-Cola, some Italian ice-cream, a paddle in the sea and a go on the waltzers, as well as lots of water,  blows a hangover right out!

Here’s what I am wearing, head to toe: Mr GK’s hat, H&M, Animal print scarf,Whistles, Jeans,H&M, Old t-shirt, H&M, Clogs, Cath Kidston, White handbag, Shelter charity shop


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