Monday Meals – Hot Dog Canoes!

The rain in the UK is getting me down. It’s getting everyone down. We should be enjoying at least some sunshine, temperatures at around 60 and summer food – BBQ, salad, long, cool drinks. But instead it’s peeing down with rain constantly and all it’s making me do is want to eat, eat, eat – but not really cook!

So, on Sunday, I served Mr GK hotdogs and french fries! Lazy, I know. Yummy, yes. I’ve called them Hot Dog Canoes because when I put a picture on Facebook, one of my FB friends asked ‘what the hell is that’. I’m sure she could see it was a hot dog, but I guess they do look a bit odd, and yes, like canoes. Made me laugh anyway!

This was to do with two things – the size of the hotdogs (which were from a tin, 86p in Sainsbury’s!) and the ease of eating. I sort of stuck the hot dogs into a hole I cut in the bun  to stop them squishing out the end, especially after covering them in mustard, ketchup and onions!

I served up the fries in a sundae dish – I think they look kind of cute! The mustard is what we lovingly refer to in this house as ‘crack mustard’. French’s all-American mustard is amazing. It’s so amazing, it’s addictive, hence our nickname. I can’t get enough of it. When we first discovered it, I wanted to put it on everything. It’s evil stuff!

Tonight, I am going to roast a chicken, put a bit of effort into things, and tomorrow I’m going to my Auntie’s for tea. Happy eating friends!


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