Losing his religion…

Poor Katie Holmes. Old lanky legs’ dream has turned sour and her and Tom Cruise are no more. Can’t say I am surprised. But levels of shock did rise when I learned this week that they actually lived in a Scientology BUILDING in L.A. I didn’t even know such a thing existed.

When I first lived in town in my 20s in Edinburgh it was a few doors up from the local Ron Hubbard Centre for Scientology, or Hubbard Academy of Personal Independence, as they like to call it.

They had a big old yellow double-decker bus parked outside at times as well, and you could go on and watch their movie about how wonderful their cult religion is. A friend and I went in to the centre once (i was stopped daily on the way home by one of their disciples/followers/employees and decided once to give it a go), to watch their film about joining up. I didn’t. I don’t believe in them, just like I don’t believe in Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Islam, Judaism, or the good old Church of Scotland where I was christened. I’m an atheist.

So what on earth Katie Holmes thought was going to happen when she hooked up with crazybags Tom, who knows. And it seems she’s not alone in the fact that most women would dump a Scientologist. In a survey conducted by online bingo site Dotty Bingo 400 women were asked  if they would be happy dating a member of the religion which boasts famous members such as Tom Cruise and John Travolta. More than three-quarters (78%) of the women gave a definite ‘thumbs down’ to dating someone who belonged to the secretive Church of Scientology. Hardly a shock revelation is it!

A more open-minded (some would say gullible) 22% felt that dating someone who believed in aliens and an evil space dictator called Xenu (Scientologists say this is not what their religion is about. I’ve seen the movie, okay?!), would not be a barrier to their relationship.  One woman who rejected the possibility of a Scientology relationship said: “They are all completely bonkers! Even if the guy was as good-looking as Tom Cruise you would really have to ask yourself the question, is this person alright in the head? Also I really dislike the ‘pay to pray’ ethos which Scientology seems to be founded on. I would constantly feel like my partner is trying to convert me and part me with my cash.”

I’m just surprised Katie got sucked into the whole thing in the first case – that’s of course if you don’t believe it wasn’t all some deliberate ruse to keep Tom’s true love interests private. After the whole Oprah Winfrey sofa-jumping, I felt myself almost crying at the loss of a hero. Was this really the man who first came to my attention in one of my favourite movies of all-time, The Outsiders, and then who played some fabulous air guitar in his pants in Risky Business?

Is this really Maverick from Top Gun?! How the heck can this be the same man who stirred my teenage hormones so much in Cocktail that I went to the cinema to see it twice!? I’ll say this for old Tom, he’s a brilliant actor. Because these roles, and plenty more have hidden the true Tom pretty well.

At the end of the day, I don’t really care for her either, I just hope their lovely little daughter Suri isn’t overly affected by her parents ways!

Meanwhile, think Tom and Katie have problems, how about Brad Pitt? Seems his momma is a bit of a Doberman when it comes to her political views – and they couldn’t be further removed from her son’s. Whilst Brad is a vocal supporter of gay rights, it seems Momma Pitt, well, isn’t. The Hollywood superstar’s mother recently penned a letter to her local newspaper touting her support for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, and her disdain for abortion and same-sex marriage. Read it here. And weep.


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