WIMW – Winter wear…

Gosh this weather plays havoc with your wardrobe! Last Friday night, Mr GK and I decided to head out to Japanese restaurant Kanpai (if you are in Edinburgh, or visit us here, try it – it’s AMAZING!) to celebrate six years together! We were heading to the pub to watch the football afterwards, so it wasn’t a night for a frock and high heels. But I had no idea what to wear. It had poured with rain all day and it felt cold. This is the outfit I threw together.

Of course, once out, it really wasnt as cold as I had thought, so perhaps the fur wrap was a bit OTT. And it didn’t rain again all night! Result! These denim shorts are a bit of a staple in my wardrobe. I wear them a lot. And I mean a lot. To the football, to the shops, to meetings, to nights out, just on any old day. They’re comfortable, and I’m quite happy with my legs, so I like getting them out – even in thick opaques!

The boots are from Rocket Dog, and are battered and bashed, but comfortable and give me a little bit of height without the pain. The trusty old leopard print top is an odd one. It’s a tunic top, and I bought it years ago in my favourite vintage store, and then never wore it. Never. It lay in my drawer for years, and I think I even got as far as photographing it to list it on Ebay once. Thankfully I didn’t put it on. I wear it all the time now. I love it. Because of its lovely 1970s nylon fabric mix it’s better in the winter. But it’s comfy and hides a multitude of sins!

My MERLE Scrabble necklace is one of my favourites. Mr GK jokes that it is for when I am too drunk to remember my name. Cheek! I bought this on Ebay a few years ago for one reason only. MERLE was the name of the one they were using to show the necklace and I was stunned. It’s rather an unusual name, more so in the UK, and all my childhood I never got anything personalised in the stores.

My mum had to send off for mugs with my name on, etc, and I hated it! I do however love my name, and when I asked the girl making the necklaces if she was using it as the one to sell her wares because it was her name, she said no, it was the name of the first person who bought one from her. So, I made it two Merle’s! I do love this necklace, but I have this completely inexplicable urge to snap it in two every time I hold it! Does that make any sense to anyone, or am I just mad?!

My brooch is beautiful – a massive amber stone in the middle, lots of little stones around it, gold set, and has a little chain on the clasp. It came from my Auntie Margaret, and it gets rare outings when I know I can look after it. My mustard coloured rose ring is from Diva @ Miss Selfridge, and my ‘Gufo’ bag – that’s Italian for owl, and one of my favourite words –  is an old Top Shop number that really isnt very practical at all. You can hardly get anything in it, and the opening is so small once stuff is in, it’s hard to get it out. But it went with this outfit, and it hadn’t been out for years!

The jacket you can just see is another charity shop affair – I’m sure it was £15 in the Salvation Army Shop. I must have wanted it badly. It’s actually a bit big, and isn’t hugely flattering, but it does a job! And so to the fur wrap. This one is fake and came from Warehouse many, many moons ago in the sale. I don’t know, it probably cost about £10 – and it’s fabulous! I love it, it has pockets, it’s warm and cosy and stylish (well, I like to think so!)

So, here’s what I am wearing from head to toe: Fake fur wrap, Warehouse, Rocket Dog boots, Schuh, Denim shorts, New Look, Leopard Print top, Mr Ben Vintage, Owl bag, TopShop, Scrabble necklace, Ebay, Black jacket, Salvation Army Charity Shop, Brooch, from my Auntie Margaret, Rose ring, Diva, Miss Selfridge


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