Monday Meals – Victoria Sponge

Okay, so this isn’t a meal at all, but I was so proud of my cake I made last week, I wanted to share it. I’m a big cooking fan, and I like to think I’m quite good at it, but I’m not really a baker. With cooking you can just add a bit here and there and that appeals to the wild creative side of my personality – sort of throw it on the canvas and see how it looks style. But with baking, you have to be precise, measure everything out, and carefully weight and time things. I find that hard.

But, last week in a controlled moment, I decided to carefully make a cake for the visit of a friend. I found the recipe on BBC Food website; it’s Mary Berry’s perfect Victoria sandwich.

I was wary, and hopeful. I have had cake disasters for years – sunken cakes, biscuit-like fairy cakes, some not cooked enough, others cooked until they are brittle. Baking is not my friend!

But this? Wow. It worked. I’m not going to write the recipe out here, if you want to try it, go to the link above. I did everything exactly as she said, even weighing the cake tins with he mixture in them to make sure they were absolutely equal. And it worked.

I also used icing sugar over the top because I think it looks nicer than caster sugar, and I did use a tub of whipped double cream for the filling as well.

My friend and I ate a piece each, I ate a few more that day in a crazed cake binge, and Mr GK had a slice and took the rest to work the next day where his male-dominated office devoured it. Let’s just hope they don’t think this is a regular occurrence!




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