WIMW – Rainy Summer Days!

I can hardly begin to describe how bad the weather was at the weekend in Edinburgh. It was AWFUL! That’s castle in the back of this picture, but later on in the day it was completely obliterated by the mist! But, my good friend was here, and we, along with Mr GK had a great time eating out, eating in, visiting exhibitions, buying each other stupid pound shop gifts, drinking beer, wine and tequila, and putting the world to rights. Oh, and avoiding the rain as much as we could!

So, what to wear. It had to be practical, and yet still stylish, no?! So, I pulled out my old parka from the cupboard – a TopShop faithful that has seen many a shower over the years! Jeans were the obvious choice. Easy and practical in the rain, if not my favourite item of clothing. My vintage top is another red, white and blue item in my wardrobe. I bought this in Mr Ben years ago, and it does need a bit of bobble removal work, not looking too hot in the close-ups!

On my feet, it’s my trusty Converse, which are actually ripped, and I need to invest in a new pair. I love them so much. The bag is from the Marie Curie Cancer Care charity shop – just £1.99, it’s a Jane Shilton, and it hard definitely never been used before I bought it. I love the fact it still has it’s over the body strap attached too – a lot of these 1980s clutch bags are missing them.

And of course, it probably wouldn’t be WIMW without a ring from Joe Cool on would it?! Now, lets talk about the glasses! Well, the frames! I bought these from Ebay in a moment of madness, for nothing more than a, well, moment of madness. They’re Hello Kitty frames – check out the whiskers and the bow. I’m now looking for some sunglasses lenses which will fit in them. For when the rain stops.

Jewellery…where would I be without some crazy jewellery. This necklace is the craziest of the lot. It’s from Punky Pins and it’s called a ‘Junk Necklace’ – basically it is filled with loads of plastic charms, from fries, to dummies, to guns, to treasure chests, and even a working Roulette wheel. Mr GK bought me this on my birthday a few years ago. I love, love, love it!

Here’s the details of what I am wearing, head to toe…Hello Kitty style glasses frames, £1.98 (incl.P&P), ebay.co.uk, Parka, £unknown, TopShop, many years ago, Vintage 1960s red, white and blue top, £8, Mr Ben Vintage Clothing, Glasgow, Skinny high waist jeans, £19.99, H&M, Maroon Converse, £42, Schuh.co.uk, Jane Shilton cream clutch bag, £1.99, Marie Curie Cancer Care, Yellow plastic bow ring, £4, Joe, Edinburgh, ‘Junk’ Necklace, £18, PunkyPins


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