WIMW – a sort of garden party

So, my cousin was having a bit of a do at hers at the weekend, to celebrate her 25th wedding anniversary, and her 50th birthday, both of which are this year. Before Wednesday’s wardrobe pics, here’s a snap of me (dancing with my dad) as my cousin’s 15-year-old bridesmaid – very peach, very big, very 80s!

As you can see, I’ve put on a bit of weight, and my hair is a bit different to 25 years ago! God, just saying that makes me feel ancient! Anyway. The weather’s been a bit mad, but it was a nice day so I decided to do a skirt, top and cardigan combo – probably my favourite outfit if the truth be told! The green skirt was a present from Mr GK, more to get me out of the charity shop it was bought from than anything else, I think!

Last week, I matched colours – red white and blue, but I am at my happiest when I am throwing anything together and declaring it an outfit. This is a classic example. Walking through Edinburgh later on in the day when we left my cousin’s for pre-arranged drinks in town, I got some funny looks. People are terrified of colour, in my opinion. These brilliant, bold, neon pink wedge shoes are old ones from New Look, and I love them.

I love leopard print, and the little you can see here is an ancient vest from H&M that I am loath to throw out! I topped it off with a New Look black cardigan  – it isn’t that warm in Scotland you know! This week I accessorized with yet another Joe Cool ring – this time a pink bow, and two necklaces. The black girl Zombie necklace is just brilliant – but I cannot for the life of me remember where I got it from. I thought it might be Punky Pins, but am unsure.

The love heart and ‘M’ charm are from Tatty Devine – more about the Tatty charm club to come on here in the next week or so. The yellow palm tree plastic brooch is vintage, Made in Japan, and bought from the Barras market in Glasgow, some years ago. It always cheers me up!

And finally, the bag. It’s from Marks and Spencer, and I love it. Simple style, big enough to hold all sorts (including flat pumps for later on in the evening!), in a lovely pale blue colour, and not too expensive.


I loved this outfit so much, I’m going to wear a similar version of it again today! anyway, here’s  full run down of what I am wearing…Green vintage skirt, £3.99, PDSA Charity Shop, Neon pink wedge sandals, £unknown, New Look, Leopard print vest, £unknown, H&M, Black cardigan, £unknown, New Look, Blue handbag, £39.50, Marks and Spencer, Zombie girl necklace, I can’t remember!, Japanese yellow palm tree vintage brooch, £unknown, Barras Market, Glasgow,  Charm necklace, coming soon, Tatty Devine, Pink bow ring, £4, Joe Cool


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