WIMW – a wedding, on jubilee weekend

This week’s WIMW is from the weekend just past – Jubilee weekend for most; for me and Mr GK, his lovely cousin’s wedding to her very own Valentine. Let me start by saying, that even if it hadn’t been Jubilee weekend, I was always wearing red, white and blue. I was originally wearing a blue and white polka-dot vintage dress. I am glad I didn’t in the end, for reasons I won’t go into here.And let me apologise for the picture quality – a very temperamental old camera!

Actually, way back, I was originally wearing a green dress, but it didn’t fit when it arrived from Ebay. And then I bought a floral dress, with tones of pink and coral, which was nice, but polka dots always win. I adore polka dots. I once had a discussion with Lulu Guinness, she of the handbags, yes, and we discussed our mutual love of the 1950s – and polka dots. I was wearing the shoes I wore on Saturday that day with Lulu. These red and white polka dot simple court shoes from Top Shop must be my favourite shoes of all time. I was flicking through photos the other day, and they featured in many of them, on many fun occasions over the, ooh, maybe 10 or more years that I have had them!

So, when I saw the red and white polka dot dress in my local vintage shop, I had to have it. Even if some idiot in the shop had put the kimble through the fabric at the shoulder, creating a hole, and not through a label or seam as I was always taught in my time in retail! (And, Armstrongs, the dress on the mannequin which read ‘1980s dress in a 1940s style’, is neither. It’s from Matalan, around 2009. I own it. And it was Mr GK that spotted it!)

Anyway. The wedding was on the beach, hence Mr GK’s shorts, but I decided to go for a 1940s/50s style retro theme, rather than a beach theme, and I kind of felt like one of those German women in the beach scene of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (the film)!  Maybe not the best vibe on a wedding day, but I didn’t strip and run into the water. If you haven’t seen the film you will wonder what on earth I am rambling about…!

It was a beautiful day, and I loved what I was wearing, despite being a bit chilly later on, and ending up with Mr GK’s hat on to keep warm. This is me with the bride, who was wearing it here!

My handbag is a gorgeous old 1950s vintage deep blue ‘Queen’ or ‘Dot Cotton’ bag, in brilliant condition. The photo is of a family, and was in the bag when I got it in a job lot of vintage stuff, and I leave it in there. It feels like part of the bag, and I like to carry it with me!

My nails – I couldn’t decide whether to paint them striped or dotty. So, I decided to go for both. I used Boots 17 Best of British Nail Art kit, but I used Nails Inc Baker Street Blue and Tom Ford Scarlet Chinois Nail Polish for the red and blue, instead of what was in the kit. I think in the end it’s more USA than UK and Jubilee – but I liked them! Jewellery – just a red bow ring, and these beautiful blue stone vintage earrings. I rarely wear earrings, but I loved having these on. And to top it all off, a beautiful Germini red and white, with blue ribbon, corsage.

Here’s what I was wearing, head to toe: White 1980s feather and lace hat, £7, Armstrongs Vintage, Edinburgh, Faux curly lamb vintage cape, £unknown, a few years ago on Ebay, Red and White polka dot 1970s dress, £16, Armstrongs Vintage, Edinburgh, red bow ring, £4, Joe, Edinburgh, blue vintage earrings, aquired from somewhere, red and white polka dot shoes, £??, TopShop, years ago, Blue vintage 1950s bag, in a job lot of vintage


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