Vintage Jubilee

I’m not a royalist. I was a staunch republican when I was younger. Maybe I’ve mellowed. Maybe I’ve become apathetic. Maybe I’ve had more to worry about. Whatever it is, I don’t get myself into a tizzy over the Royals anymore. I’m not a fan of them, but I am a fan of the brand, and the imagery, if that makes sense? So, all of this Diamond Jubilee stuff? Well, I’m sort of embracing it!

Last year on my 40th, I had a Royal-themed birthday party. I went as Princess Margaret. It was all very tongue-in-cheek – that’s Mr GK as Jesus, King of all men…


I think I love the vintage aspect of the Jubilee more than anything – being a massive vintage fan. So when I saw these lovely items in Liberty, I had to share them – I really, really want this tray and biscuit barrel!

Liberty Jubilee…Biscuit Barrel and Tin Tray, £13.95 each,

However, I already have a few Royal tins of my own – these are vintage, from Ebay and cost me pennies. Obviously bought when there wasn’t Jubilee madness going on – I am sure prices will be higher on Ebay and in charity shops now.

This table is my what I call my Royal Afternoon Tea Table – a mix of vintage tea cups, a fab big 10-cup teapot Mr GK bought me, and lots of vintage Royal-themed items. Most of these I’ve picked up from car boots, charity shops, vintage fairs and Ebay.

If you are having something vintage themed for the Jubilee, then this is a thrifty way to do it, rather than buying the brand new items out there. Enjoy!

This final picture is my vintage Sindy cake and part of the buffet table from my 40th birthday last year. Happy celebrating!


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