WIMW – Summertime!

I’ve been a bit quiet of late, haven’t I? I’ve not been a very giddy kipper at all, having been confined to the house – and mostly to my bed  – with bronchitis. However, with the amazing weather we had last weekend, I  couldn’t stay indoors, so opted for a trip to the coast with Mr GK.

That of course put me in a panic. What on earth would I wear?! After months of thick black tights or jeans, it was time to bare my (rather white) legs, and get some much-needed Vitamin D!

So, this week’s Wednesday in my Wardrobe is a little summer day outfit I out together. I only wish I had posed a bit better – my flat knees look horrific!

Here’s what I’m wearing…Floral playsuit, £10, Primark (last summer), black lace top, my mum’s, from the late 80s, sandals, price forgotten, TK Maxx,

Pink tropical print beach bag, £unknown, TopShop (a few years ago), yellow cube ring, £unknown, Freedom @ TopShop (a few years ago), yellow beads, £1, Primark


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