WIMW – football gear!

So, it’s Wednesday and time to look in my wardrobe. This outfit is from Sunday last week, when the football (soccer to my American readers!) team I support, Heart of Midlothian, paraded the Scottish Cup, which they had won the day before, beating their city rivals, Hibernian, 5-1.

I guess the idea was to put on as much maroon as possible, that being Hearts colour! On the day of the game itself, I had worn a maroon dress, with a lucky t-shirt on top, but I didn’t get any pictures in the madness that ensued.

So, this was Sunday’s leisurely look, ready to celebrate the win again, though not quite as vigorously as the day before! Happy times!

Here’s what I am wearing, head to toe…Heart shaped sunglasses, price forgotten, back of the cupboard, Hearts bar scarf, hand-knitted by me, Maroon check shirt, price unknown, Primark, Hearts t-shirt, price unknown, Hearts Direct, Jeans, £19.99, H&M, Heart shaped plastic ring, £4, Joe CoolMaroon Converse, £42, Schuh (though mine were bought in Milan), Hearts flag, bought outside last cup final in 2006, big black handbag, £39.99, stylistpick.com, black leather jacket slung over bag, vintage, bought in a job lot.


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