TV Tuesday – Doctors

I’ve been poorly this week and last – rotten stinking cold, now turned into sinusitis, and I have to be better by this weekend! (more on that later in the week!). So, it’s maybe appropriate that today’s TV programme being dissected here is Doctors! And apologies for no Monday Meals yesterday, but I still can’t taste a thing. Sob!

Mrs Tembe and Cherry…who’s the most annoying? Or is that Freya?!

Yes, BBC1’s daytime drama is my guilty pleasure! I have my lunch with it every day at 1.45pm, and I LOVE my half an hour in Letherbridge, catching up on the daily dramas that face our doctors like Jimmi, Heston, Daniel and Zara, and the rest of them – receptionists, Mrs Tembe and Karen the receptionists, Julia, Practice Manager, and Freya. GP Registrar, and one fo teh most annoying women on the TV at the moment ever.

Mind you, she is given a close run for her money by Practice Nurse, Cherry. And Mrs Tembe for that matter.

This man needs a doctor….but he’s got Julia in a hard hat instead…oh, i know, it’s Martin, the man she’s leaving with..

It’s a soap. And it’s a daytime soap. So, the call to suspend disbelief is even greater. I know that. But it still gets right on my nerves when Freya lumbers on to screen, calls everyone ‘love’, and writes up another post on her blog, One Frank Female. Freya’s blog makes her a local star, blah, blah.I cant even recall how that particular storyline ended, or whether they just stopped it because it was so annoying.

The big storyline this week is the departure of Julia, played by Diane Keen, who has been in the show for an incredible nine years – Doctors has been on our screens for 12! She had a horrible car crash yesterday, she didn’t want to leave with the new man in her life Martin, but we all know she’s going to, and no doubt her useless son Patrick will help her make up her mind!

Heston, Zara and Daniel show no emotion at the news of Julia’s departure…

What I love (and sometimes hate) about Doctors is the little sub-plot that runs through each episode, and is usually neatly tied up in the half hour. It’s like we’re getting a soap and a ‘play for today’ all in one. It’s usually unbelievable nonsense as well, but hey, it’s my lunch break, and I’ll watch what I like. Try it sometime, you’ll be hooked!


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