Tuesday Tune!

Sigh. I was supposed to be providing you with some ‘Tuesday TV’ today, but I am busy and tired, and hardly saw any TV in the last week at all, so, I thought, how about a Tuesday tune instead. My iPod threw this number up the other day and I have to say I love it!

It’s not exactly uplifting, but When Love Breaks Down by Prefab Sprout is a beautiful song. Released in 1985, long before I had experienced any real heartache, this song was more than likely played to death later on in my life when, well, when love broke down!


Lucky enough to be in a great place in a relationship now, I can look back on the ‘bad times’ and smile, and appreciate this tune for its beauty. But just for fun I created this little poll – how do you deal with heartache?!


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tune!

  1. loved that song – in fact, loved the album. very evocative of a particular period in my life. 1st time I got my heart broken, I virtually wore out kd lang’s Ingenue album – can’t bear to listen to it now tho

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