Chilli and Coriander Burgers, sticky coconut rice, and pineapple

So, this week’s Monday Meals is one of my own recipes…and a really simple one at that. My mum gave me a packet of extra lean steak mince when I visited the other weekend, and I was trying to think of something different to do with it, rather than just make lasagne, or burgers, as I’d usually do.

A quick look in the fridge brought a chilli and some coriander to my attention, and a pineapple that I had bought for £1 and needed to eat ASAP. Two little tins of coconut milk lurked in the pantry, and something Thai-ish came to mind, and this dish was born. It’s hardly going to set the culinary heather on fire, but it’s reasonably healthy, and tastes very good!



500g  extra lean steak mince

3 spring onions, finely chopped

1 chilli, green or red (I used green but would have used red if I had had one!)

a handful of fresh coriander

juice of one lime

salt and pepper to taste


150g basmati rice (for two people)

Small tin of coconut milk

One fresh pineapple


Chop the spring onion, zest and juice the lime, chop the coriander and the chilli (1.). Mix them all together with the mince, and form into four burger  patties (2.).

Weigh out the rice and look out the coconut milk! (3.) Add water to the rice and boil until cooked, drain, return to the pan, then add the coconut milk and reduce down until it’s sticky, and fry the burgers in a little olive oil or sunflower oil (4.)

Grill the pineapple until it browns slightly and then serve with the burgers and rice. Yum! (5.)


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