Thrifty Thursday – bags, bags, bags..

It’s Thursday, so here’s something thrifty! I bought this bag when I rummaging the charity shops in Morningside, a part of Edinburgh I live next to. Some of the shops up there can be ridiculously expensive for what they are, charity shops. That’s a whole other blog right there – charity shops who over-price things, but I digress.

Shamefully I can’t recall the name of the shop I got this brilliant bag in. It’s a 1960s tartan travel bag on wheels! It’s not really overly practical to wheel around, but it’s a pretty cool bag that I had to buy. And at £4, it was never going to break the bank!

I love vintage finds like this. I love bags as well. I despise the whole ‘bags and shoes’ mentality that society seems to have pigeonholed women into. And yes, I blame Sex And The City and Chick-Lit,and yet I love both of them…I’ve always been contrary!

Back in a former life, when I was wasteful with money, and trying to fit into something (and to be honest, I still don’t really know what!), I splashed money on a Miu Miu handbag. Yes, a good leather bag is great. But have you seen the price of Miu Miu?!  Even back then it was over £300. And then, when times started to get tough, and the  bag got a wee bit ruined (dark denim rubbing on pale beige leather is not a good combination), I sold it on Ebay. I sold it for about £150, and then the buyer claimed it hadn’t arrived, I hadn’t sent it Insured Mail, and well, you can imagine the rest.

I think that incident was when something clicked. I realised that I had to sort out the mess of my finances, and for the last two years, I have been on the road to financial recovery. It’s a long, and tough one, but I am getting there. I am still covetous of many things. But I am careful what I covet now, and even more careful about what I actually buy.


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