Wednesday in my Wardrobe!

So, Wednesdays will feature me, in some clothes, from my wardrobe, hence ‘Wednesday in my Wardrobe‘! This is the first, and this outfit is kind of what I wear a lot. It sort of defines my style. Eclectic? Messy? Mis-matched? Colourful? All of those things! I was a Fashion Editor for years, and styled hundreds of shoots. Dressing skinny models in the pick of the high street and designers clothes is brilliant fun, but I am most at home rummaging in a charity or a vintage shop, and then creating some ensemble to see me through the day or night! Fashion is fun! Have fun with it!

I have never been one to conform with clothes. I’m 40, but there’s nothing I hate more than those fashion features in magazines telling you what to wear at what age. Er, Zandra Rhodes anyone? People like her, and Iris Apfel – an amazing, stylish, colourful 90-year old from New York – are my style icons. You will never see me in a little dress, accessorised with a belt, fake tan, big hair and ‘killer heels’. It’s not me, and, in my opinion, it’s NOT style.

So, do you want to know what I am wearing? Well, I’m going to tell you anyway!  Jacket, £10, Salvation Army charity shop, jumper, £4, Judy’s vintage fair, Bag, £68 (ouch!), Cath Kidston, Denim skirt, £???, TopShop, years ago, Footless tights, £8, River Island, Gold ballet pumps, £2, BHF charity shop, necklace, £??, Freedom@ TopShop, years ago, Ring, €8, iStudio, Via Tortona 12, 20144 MILANO,, Sunglasses, the back of my cupboard! (I think they might be H&M).




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