Elizabeth Taylor, Alan Sugar, and some diamonds!

I love TV, I watch it a lot. On the big HD one in the living room, the small one in the kitchen whilst I cook, and on my iPad in bed, or at my desk. SkyGo and all the catch-up apps are a joy to a TV addict. ( I’ve written about TV as a a journalist for years, so I get to claim my addiction as work!).

Tomorrow night I’ll be Sky+’ing, or watching on +1 because two programmes I want to watch clash – The Apprentice on BBC1 (more of that later) and Elizabeth Taylor: Auction of a Lifetime on Ch4, both at 9pm. I love Elizabeth Taylor (and most old movie stars – check out my other blog, Beauty Bombshells, and you will see what I mean!) and this documentary explores her extraordinary life story through some of her most precious possessions, which feature in landmark auctions in New York and London. There is loads of stuff in it about her life, and  Joan Collins, Liza Minnelli and Mickey Rooney feature too.

I’ll most likely + Elizabeth and watch The Apprentice, which is proving to be as popular as ever in this new series. So far, the girls have been rubbish, and no-one has really stood out for me as my favourite. I loved last week’s episode.

How utterly ridiculous were the Union Jack ‘retro’ designs of 29-year-old architect, and one of my chief irritants, Gabrielle Omar? I want her or Jenna Whittingham to go next. Beauty salon owner Jenna has one of the most annoying voices I have ever heard! She’s a beauty salon owner. Can you imagine going in there for a relaxing treatment?!

Who do you want fired next?


4 thoughts on “Elizabeth Taylor, Alan Sugar, and some diamonds!

  1. I deliberately avoid stuff like The Apprentice – having being forced to watch the likes of that for a living, it’s now great to keep flicking past reality TV! But like you, I do love classic Hollywood and for me, Elizabeth Taylor was absolute Tinseltown gold (mixing me metaphors there!). So very much looking forward to the C4 doc tonight – tho it does clash with the footie, so may watch it on +1

    • I cherry pick my reality, and I do love The Apprentice! And America’s Next Top Model! Wasn’t old Liz just brilliant – I think this will be an excellent documentary. And yes, I remembered footie on too – guess Rob will be watching on HD and I’ll be in the kitchen!

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