Fun with vintage doilies!

Thursdays will be thrifty on The Giddy Kipper – thrifty craft ideas, charity shop finds, and money-saving tips I’ve discovered. The last few years have been tough for me. After years of indulgent spending, bad times, and something called a recession, it’s been time to seriously tighten the belt, chez moi. But that doesn’t mean the end of good things. In fact, thriftiness is something I wish I had learned years ago!

So, today, it’s fun with vintage crochet doilies. I LOVE these. My mum has given me loads of hers; beautifully crafted mats for dressing tables, and sideboards. When I came across this brilliant idea on Crafts by Amanda blog, I had to have a go. If you go to the link, you’ll see a much better ‘how to’ guide than mine…and the end result is better I think, but, hey, I had a go!

So, here’s how to make what Amanda calls ‘Burlap and Doily Luminaries’.

1. Find these things: an old jar (I used a big beetroot jar, thanks Dad!), some burlap (or jute string as I call it), some pretty ribbon, some spray adhesive, and a whole load of vintage crochet doilies. I got all of these things on Ebay..where else?! The doilies were £10 for more than I could ever need!

2. Clean the jar, and spray the jar with adhesive. Here’s a tip – don’t buy the cheapest adhesive like I did. Thrifty sometimes doesn’t work, and paying a wee bit more is probably worth it. My adhesive came out a real yellow-y colour. So, spray the jar and position the doily.

3. Cut and tie some ribbon and jute strong around the top of the jar, and drop in a tealight.

4. Position it wherever you think it looks best! I tried the living room sideboard first….

Then I decided they’d look fab in the newly painted bathroom which I have done all girly; cream and lace and vintage things everywhere! I also used one lovely shaped Bonne Maman jam jar (thanks again, Dad!) with just a bit of ribbon round the top for cotton buds,and another simple doily on a jar as a cotton wool pad holder. Pretty, don’t you think?

And then I got really creative!  I bought myself a small canvas from the pound shop in town, dug out some old acrylic paints I had in a drawer (trust me, I have a LOT of stuff in drawers!), and thought I’d experiment with a doily as a stencil. Sort of like alternative potato print painting. Below is the result , and I am very proud of my little piece of ‘Doily Art’. Do you like it?!


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