Time To Dance!

A friend posted this video on Facebook today and I LOVE it for three reasons!

1. The tune ROCKS!

2. The star is the gorgeous Jake Gyllenhaal

3. It reminded me that I love to DANCE!

And before you stop reading, no, not all that Diversity dance-troup, Britain’s Got Talent, acrobatic stuff. No. Just throwing some crazy shapes, feeling the music, and letting yourself go!

Here’s me in my 20s, out at a club, where I spent most of my early 20s, and where I DANCED! Every weekend for years, the dance floor was my home, as I got lost in whatever music was playing, and let all my inhibitions go.

Dancing is a funny thing.

When I was younger, crippled with self-confidence issues, dancing was as alien to me as speaking Chinese.

How glad I am that I overcame that! At my 40th birthday party last year, with a playlist that was mine, all mine, I danced the whole night away. I was, some might say, very giddy!

Even when I am old and frail and I can no longer bust the moves, I’ll take joy in hearing the music and dreaming of the dance!

Enjoy this amazing video from The Shoes. And get up and dance!


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