Mad Men!

So, Tuesday will be declared the day for TV on The Giddy Kipper! It’s the day I usually buy Inside Soap magazine (I love the soaps, I used to write a column about them for the Daily Record – it never leaves you!), and it also tends to be a pretty good TV night!

And now, it’s been made a pretty excellent TV night since last week with the long-awaited return of Mad Men, now showing every Tuesday, 9pm on Sky Atlantic. I adore Mad Men. I was really, really late to the party. Didn’t watch any of it on TV – thankfully my brother let me borrow all of his DVD box sets, and I lapped it up.

Being a fan of all things vintage, that was hardly a surprise. I do seem to spend as much time oohing and aahing over the decor and clothes as I do following the plot, which is more than likely a bit irritating for my boyfriend. But hey, that’s me!

So, here, to indulge my adoration further, and to share it with you, are some wonderful Mad Men publicity stills. Oh, and that leaves me just a minute, before your eye is distracted, to quickly dissect season 5 so far.

More Joan please! What on EARTH have you done to Betty?! She’s fat! I really hope Don’s wife, whateverhernameiswiththedistractingteeth, is not around for the whole of the season, and just how funny is Roger?  And more, more, more of the genius that is the character of Pete!

Enjoy the pics, and enjoy the show tonight! Mad Men, Tuesdays at 9pm, Sky Atlantic HD

Joan. Mad Men, Tuesdays at 9pm, Sky Atlantic HD

Peggy. And Joan.Mad Men, Tuesdays at 9pm, Sky Atlantic HD


4 thoughts on “Mad Men!

  1. I think Betty might look fat because the actress who played her was pregnant at the time of shooting, Merle. I read somewhere that the producers decided to shoot around it. Obviously not a great success xxx

    • Hehe, I was being flippant. January Jones, who plays Betty, is wearing a fat suit! January’s pregancy wasn’t going to be written in to the storyline, so they decided to make her fat…but to make it realistically ‘fat’ and not just pregnant they created prosthetics – for her face and neck as well. They are amazing. And they used a body double for the back shot in last week’s ep when she gets out the bath.

  2. I’ve only seen the first episode of the new series. Perils of being a late shift worker (whose husband is hogging the telly when she wants to watch the things she has recorded). Will get around to seeing the Betty scenes when there isn’t a vital repeat of Time Team being shown! xxx

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